SPA Services

Packages and individual services

Nail treatments

nail treatments

Classic Manicure ($15) Hand over your nails to us for exfoliation, massage, cleansing, and shaping, followed by an optional polishing of the nails.

Classic Pedicure ($30) It’s a true feat to relax in our pedicure throne as the warm whirlpool footbath prepares your feet for exfoliation, massage, cleansing, and shaping, followed by optional polishing of the nails.

Manicure & Pedicure ($45) A combination of a classic manicure and a classic pedicure for a total nail package.

Gel Manicure ($30) This manicure uses the gel polish to provide nails that last up to two weeks or more.  (If previous gel soak off is required manicure is additional $5)

Gel Pedicure ($45) This pedicure uses the gel polish to provide nails that last up to two weeks or more.  (If previous gel soak off is required manicure is additional $5)

Polish Change with Gel ($15) Polish change only with gel polish. 

Dip Powder ($40) Dip powder nails to provide nails that last up to two weeks or more. 

Dip Powder with Manicure ($50) This manicure uses the powder dip to provide nails that last up to two weeks or more.  

Dip Powder Manicure/Pedicure ($80) This manicure and pedicure uses the powder dip to provide nails that last up to two weeks or more.  

French Manicure ($35) Full classic manicure decorated with french tip style. 

Nail Artwork ($3 and up) Bring your own ideas or ask for inspiration.


Massage Services

Therapeutic Massage

This massage is designed to address specific areas. It may include a combination of techniques to restore and relieve your entire body, soft manipulations and mobilizations of the joints and body.

swedish Massage

Swedish massage offers long, rythmic strokes with light to moderate pressure to help promote circulation, relieves muscle tension, and induces relaxation.

hot stone Massage

The soothing warm sensations of Basalt lava stones allow the mind and body to release daily tension and stress.


30 minutes ($40)

60 minutes ($65)

90 minutes ($90)

body treatments

Body scrub exfoliating treatment

Exfoliating sea salts and essential oils are massaged on the body to soften and smooth rough dry skin. ($75)

sea tonic firming gel bodywrap

This body wrap optimizes and strengtens the epidermis, firms the skin, promotes elasticity, and moisturizes the entire body.  ($75)

sea holistic relaxing treatment

A blend of marine salt crystals and lavendar flowers mixed together in a lavendar purse are applied to pressure points all over the body to give a relaxing and comforting effect. ($90)

remineralizing body wrap

Replenishines the body with natural minerals and trace elements, and helps to forify the skin, reblance, invigorate, and relive tension. ($75)

waxing services

Lip or Chin ($10)

Brow ($15)

Bikini ($35)

Brazilian ($65)

Underarm ($20)

Back ($45)

Full Leg ($65)

Half Leg ($45)

Arms ($35)

FACial Services

Express FAcial

Beauty on-the-fly is yours with this express version of our spa facial treatment.  The key elements needed to thoroughly cleanse and revive your skin are customized for your skin type. The massage is a bit shorter, but the results are still impressive as your complexion regains it’s natural glow. It’ s time well spent.  ($45) (35 minutes)

European Facial

Excellent for all skin types, our version of the basic facial will refine the skin’s surface and texture, remove blackheads, and deeply cleanse and oxygenate the skin. In addition, we use warm seawater spray and relaxing massage to rebalance and remineralize even the most devitalized skin. The end result: a clear and radiant complexion.  ($65)

sensitive skin facial

This facial features an award winning collection of products specifically for allergic, reactive skin with sensitivities to fragrance, color, and environmental elements. Each stage of this personalized treatment will work to address root causes of skin reactions. ($70)

spa essential rejuvenating treatment

Diminish fine lines or get an instant “lift” with this miraculous ant-aging facial. Unique geothermal, marine spring water products known for thier remarkable anti-free radical and firming propertires are lavished on your fash throughout this treatement to increase cellular turnover and stimulate the producticion of collagen and elastin. ($75)

marine moisturizing facial

Parched and thirsty skin remains the most common complaint of all skin types, which can be radically imporved by increasing water levels in the epidermis. This facial incorporates moisturizing amino acids, complex sugars and minerals extracted from seaweed to replenish the skin’s ability to hold water. A soothing compress mask drenches the skin with water binders, pushes your skin’s moisture binding capacity to the limit. The result: a smooth, dewy complexion that lasts for weeks.  ($70)


this treatment is specifically designed for oily, problem and blemished skin. This helps to regulate oil production, exygenate the skin, reduce ily and greasy skin texture, and minimize the appearance of large pores. We use an exclusive warm, bubbling seaweed mud which detoxifies (deep pore cleanses), reminerializes (balances and restores), and oxygenates (brings fresh nutrition to the skin).  ($80)

back facial

This skin care treatment for the back focuses on purging the toxins that are causing clogged pores (the root problem of troublesome skin conditions). After your back is deeply cleansed and buffed, extractions are performed and mask applied to leave you feeling clean and polished.  ($60)

facial add ons

Eye Contour treatment

Whether it is crow’s feet, dark circles or excess baggage, teh eye area shows signs of aging and fatigue first. A three-phase massage is performed directly on the eye zone, followed by a supple, comforting eye mask.  ($25)

Lip treatment

Our lip treatment is the perfect remedy for dry, chapped lips and is ideal to help combat the signs of aging around the mouth. This treatment softens and smoothes delicate tissues and restores plumpness.  ($20)

self-heating mud treatment

This treatment uses thermal heat to help with deep tissue detoxification while soothing aching joints and muscles. ($45 for Sull Back and $25 for Joints)

aha 19%

This intensive exfoliating peel combines lactic acid from milk proteins and patented marine extracts from seaweed to reveal younger looking skin and increase teh rate of cellular turnover. This treatment imporves color, tone, texture and softens fine lines and wrinkles. ($20)

facial enhancements

Makeup ($45)

Eye Lash Perming ($35)

Strip Lash ($15)

Eye Lash Tint ($20)

Brow Tint ($25)

Brow/Lash Tint Combo ($35)


PCA Peels are designed to improve and enchance the skins appearance. Peels address conditions including acne, hyper pigmentation, rosace and fine lines. Our esthetician can help you choose the best treatment for your skin.
ultra peel

Hydratibg treatement for pigment disorders and aging skin. ($90)

SENSI peel

Treats skin discolorations yet is good for extremely sensitive and ethnic skin. ($90)

smoothing body peel

Formulated to smooth, firm, and hydrate while treating sun damage and acne. Excellent for arms, legs, chest and back.


Chest ($50)

Hands ($20)

Arms ($100)

Back ($150)

Legs ($150)